Starting the Gold Series

Motivations and goals with starting The Gold Series

So, I'm trying something experimental - putting music recommendations out into the world via Spotify playlists.

My thesis is that some people want to discover some great music from the past, but don't know where to start branching out (my views on whether there is such a thing as 'good taste' is best summarised by this Paul Graham article here). And so, I hope to make that starting somewhere easier for those interested in doing so.

Another motivation of mine can be summarised as such: just like in the discovery of good books, the discovery of good music is somewhat serendipitous and based largely on recommendations from others. I hope from this blog I am able to recommend music to you that you will find great joy in, just as I have done.

I'll start by releasing playlists (which I have affectionately dubbed 'the Gold series' after all the Gold 'best of' compilations that exist out there), accompanied with explainer snippets for each song. I'll also be working on short summaries for each musical artist - who they were, why they were important, and notes on their musical styles. The idea is to have a very thorough index of reference - with the job of introducing important artists to people who may only be vaguely familiar with them, or not familiar at all.

Each playlist has 10-12 songs that have been curated by me - and so, each playlist is also a reflection of my own tastes. Because of this, I haven't included any songs that don't resonate with me, even if they might be musically important. Michael V, who has wonderful taste in music and an incredible library of information in his brain, has kindly helped compile the song lists.

Full disclosure - I'm by no means a musical expert; I just love music deeply and hope to create more serendipitous moments for people to discover new music.

My first official post can be found here: Mellow Gold #1

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