Weekly Round Up 6 Mar 2022

In a format totally lifted from Tim Ferriss:

What I'm Reading:
* The Almanak of Naval Ravikant
Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur and investor who I have followed for years on Twitter; though I do not always agree with everything he says, I find him to be extraordinarily measured in his thinking - and I believe it is good to follow people who you do not find yourself to always be in agreement with.  I am only 1/5th of the way through the book so far, and there are already so many gold nuggets of wisdom. I suspect this will be one I read in small snatches to allow myself maximum time to ruminate over.

* The Goblin Emperor by Sarah Monette

Who I'm Listening To:
* Revolver, The Beatles (1966)
I have spent the past several months falling in love with the Beatles; who were astoundingly only around as the Beatles for 10 years (i.e. from the age of 17/18/19 to 27/28/29 if that can be believed) but remains the world's most successful musical act.

Someone I know who has phenomenal taste in music touted Revolver as his favorite Beatles album, and I can see why. It's rich in sound, experimentation, color, and a sparkling sense of hubris that only those as talented as the Beatles can lay claim to.

* Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Annendum - EP17 Engineering Victory with Elon Musk

What I'm Watching:
*Critical Role - Campaign 3

What I'm Thinking About:
*What is like play to me, but work for others? What can I give to the world, that the world wants as well? Current thoughts are things like reading and trying to develop a high sense of awareness for internal emotions.

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