Weekly Roundup 3 April 2022

What I'm reading, listening to and watching this week. Featuring Naval Ravikant, the Great Depression, Morgan Housel, and the Beatles (Again).

NB: Skipped last week; I would like not to do that again!

In a format totally lifted from Tim Ferriss:

What I'm Reading:
* The Almanack of Naval Ravikant (first mentioned here)

Conclusive thoughts - what a fantastic book that covers wealth, growth, inner peace, and calm. I've collected some of my favorite thoughts here.

* The Great Depression: A Diary - Benjamin Roth (edited by James Ledbetter, Daniel B Roth)

A fantastic diary recommended by @MorganHousel on a recent podcast with Tim Ferriss that was written by a lawyer during the Great Depression. Fascinating to see how it played out, in real-time, and Benjamin Roth does a great job of remaining impartial and bringing you along what he calls his 'post-graduate education'. He also constantly comes back a few years later to comment on the outcome of several things, which adds interesting hindsight to his original observations.

* The Psychology of Money - Morgan Housel

* Low Expectations - Morgan Housel

Who I'm Listening To:
* Please, Please Me - the Beatles

Rushed out after the unexpected success of the single Please, Please Me (which was released a couple of months earlier in January 1963) - this album would be the beginning of the Beatles' meteoric rise and the 'British Invasion'. Ten of the album's fourteen tracks were recorded in one day. It's fun, upbeat and perfectly captures the joy of making music, way before the Beatles knew what a sensation they would become (though I'm sure they had little doubts that this would inevitably come their way!).

* Ella Fitzgerald - Gold

What I'm Watching:
* Casablanca (1942)

I cannot believe I waited so long to watch this iconic classic. I was not expecting it to have so many funny one-liners - or for it to stick around in my brain, but it has fully taken root.

What I'm Thinking About:
* Well, I failed to start my music playlist project last week. This is going to be my goal for the coming week; specifically, to get a playlist together and 1 post about it up. Subsequently, I will aim to publish 1 music article every two weeks.

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