Weekly Roundup 1st May 2022

In a format totally lifted from Tim Ferriss:

A much shorter update this week; not as much progress on my personal projects as I would like; working on getting better at scheduling these things in (mostly writing time - am considering jumping back on Ship 30 for 30, or a similar thing).

What I'm Reading:

* Tune In by Mark Lewisohn - first mentioned here (have just finished the first part and on to the second one!). I've just got to the middle of 1960 - the Beatles have very recently become the Beatles and completed their first whirlwind residency in Hamburg. They're not quite the four piece band they'll become (Stu Sutcliffe and Pete Best are still in the band, and Ringo not quite yet (still being the drummer of Rory and the Hurricanes), but it's so close.  

What a remarkable background Lewisohn provides as well - cultural, economic, and more about the boys who would become the best-selling band in history. One main takeaway for now - by all accounts, they were relatively musically terrible at the beginning (except for John's and Paul's harmonising vocals - and Ringo's drumming, actually), but (1) they all had absolute faith in their future 'something will happen' and (2) they practiced a ton in their residency in Hamburg. More to unpack here in a later update.

Who I'm Listening To:
* Katie Haun on the Tim Ferriss Show, Ep #499 (on the Dark Web, Gangs, Investigating Bitcoin, and The New Magic of "Nifties" (NFTs))

I'd never heard of Katie Haun before this episode, but her background is fascinating, and her explanations are extremely easy to understand. She's a board member at Coinbase and OpenSea and has recently raised $1.5 billion for her new firm after leaving Andreessen Horowitz (the podcast is from 2021, while she was still a partner at Andreessen Horowitz) - but before this she was a federal prosecutor for over a decade. In her colourful career, she's prosecuted organised crime, violent murders and corporate crime, creating the government's first cryptocurrency task force, leading investigations into the Mt. Gox hack and revealing the corrupt agents involved in the Silk Road investigation.  This is an interview that's easy to get sucked into from the very beginning; I found her career path extremely unexpected, and I look forward to seeing how it continues to unfold.

* Led Zeppelin II (1969) - Led Zeppelin II

* An Education In The Rolling Stones (1964 - 1968) (a wonderful playlist put together by Michael V as a chronological introduction to the band's early days whilst they were forming their own sound)

What I've Been Thinking About:
* How to properly schedule time in to write more and to meet my personal goals in doing so

* How to make sure I stick to my fitness routine / fitness journey this time (more on this soon, hopefully).

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